Frequency Inverter Selangor

Vector inverter; Max motor power: 0.75kW; Out.voltage: 3x380VAC Manufacturer part number:VFS15-4007 SPECIFICATION Show similar products (861) Manufacturer TOSHIBA Type of module vector inverter Max motor power 1.5

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More energy saving and easier operation
  More energy saving

The advanced energy-saving mode optimizes fan and pump efficiency even at normally inefficient in low speeds.
The effect can be monitored by operation panel or through serial communication data.

1.Simple compact and high performance drive

The new Toshiba VF-S15, standard general purpose drive, is designed for controlling wide range of variable torque and constant torque applications such as pumps, fans, lifts, conveyors, machine tool, food processor and mixers as well as for process control in various types of industries.

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